Switches and sockets


Switches and sockets are used in various electrical application in order to limit the use of to arrange the path for the flow of electricity. Switches are application of flip flops which basically have two states which we all are familiar with. On state to start electric flow and the off state to stop the flow. Switches comes in various shapes and resistance to overcome shocks. They are very successful model used to control the current flow. Sockets on the other hand in simple words means an artificial hollow in to which things can be fitted.



are designed in order to make the use of electricity safe and effective. Switches or switch boxes used anywhere are mostly made up of plastics which we all know is a bad conductor of electricity. Switch comes in various models according to the requirement. In lighting we use switches to alternate them to control the two states which looks beautiful if done in certain patterns. There also switches available in the market with covers on it in order to avoid any water droplets inside the switch box because water can damage the functioning of the switch. Sockets comes in various numbers according to the voltage requirements.



contains one or more number of switches according to the number of items at the place. If you want to move your socket outside the house you should be very much aware of the climate and weather outside because you need to take the hardware accordingly. You should also take care the distances between the socket and main switch into your consideration because you may need it for some of the reasons. After reviewing your requirements take necessary precautions on placing the sockets and switches anywhere in order to make your house safe.


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