Protection from Counterfeit cable and Electrical products


Almost everyone who belongs to the electrical industry is aware of the low quality counterfeit cables which are available in the market at cheaper rates playing with the lives of millions of people. Their production and usage has become enormous after the increase in the rates of copper prices. In counterfeit cable the copper is replaced by a very poor quality copper which can lead to fire hence destructing property and even injuries.


People must be aware of the fact that contractors who are using these cables can be dragged to court. Since 2001 about 15 million electrical counterfeit cables have been seized by the government authorities.in the end it could be fair to say that the purchasing of genuine cables lies with the contractor as well as common people.


The counteraction against the usage of these cables is to ensure that we buy genuine electrical cable. A strategy can be designed within every firm that whoever is responsible for cable safety must follow some safety measures such as they must ensure that the logos, patents and the brand of which the cable is going to be purchased must be registered in their country of manufacturer. packaging labels must be printed. The brand or the company fron which the electrical cables ate going to be purchased must be recognized among people. We must ensure that security seals and hologram are in place. And even the cable should contain various safety marks and logos for example:- BASEC (British approval service for cables).


On suspicion on the usage of these cables we must countercheck the brand owner and certificate body or we can even file a report to the joint initiative “Counterfeit Kills”. By being aware we can prevent mishaps as the famous saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’.

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