Kitchen electrical work in Edinburgh


kitchen electric edinburghKitchen is one of the most important part of our house which needs to be taken a good care because kitchen is the place where we cook food so it should be clean and properly maintained.

Our kitchen contains various items which are very necessary for us in cooking the food. Most of them come in the category of electrical item which should be maintained and properly taken care of. For making your kitchen organized you need to establish proper electrical.


If you are planning to build your house or to renovate kitchen then you should probably think about it and do it properly.


There are only three things to be considered while doing your kitchen electrical. The first thing you will require would probably be thirteen ampere socket circuit for kitchen appliances and a higher range of thirty ampere for the high load appliances which should be accompanied by lighting circuits. After planning them properly you don’t need to do much work.


While designing your kitchen you should try to plan it by spending some time on it because kitchen is the place where you have to work and that should be strictly according to your requirement and planning. You should try to place the appliances in an organised pattern so that they will be easily accessible to you. You need to decide how many sockets you will need seeing the appliances. For the security of children or may be the pets it is better to place the boards and sockets at certain height with the socket covered. Sockets should be of good quality and shock proof. Try to put one more sockets for your kitchen but should be organized properly so that it looks good. While renovating or building kitchen try to hire professional for the job because the wiring things and any other work related to it should be done by professional people to avoid accident or any mishap. For the higher load devices you will need a different socket. Be careful and systematic and avoid the use of higher load appliances into the thirty ampere socket it can cause short circuit in your house which is not on the positive note. High load sockets should be placed nearer to the main board.


Kitchen lightening and electricity supplies are also equally important to be established properly.


You should use enough light in the kitchen and try also to include exhaust fans or chimneys in order to clear the smoke from your kitchen. You have many options to choose between for the kitchen lighting. There are ceiling or wall mounted lights, low level lighting and low wattage lighting to choose between. Ceiling and wall mounted lighting are supplied from the source of five ampere lighting circuit which run through the ceiling and the switch is place on the entrance but you may require some type of directed lights for cooking and cleaning purpose. Low level lighting can also be one of the better option. The lighting is done using the low load switching socket. One moving the next lightening way that is low wattage lighting which often uses the halogen lighting. This type of lighting system is quite popular in world because it makes your kitchen look quite attractive and catchy but the problem with them is that they are considered to be environment unfriendly so it is better to ignore them and use the other types if you are environment conscious. There are new versions of halogen lights available in the market with LED light. Safety is the most important concern in the process of kitchen electrical which should be inspected quite carefully.



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